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Chrome Pillar Post Trim

OEM factory pillars all come with a black finish and over time that finish can start to fade and diminish the appearance of your vehicle. Our stainless steel chrome pillar post trim is a perfect solution. Each of our chrome pillars comes with a Lifetime Warranty against fading, peeling and yellowing. At last you can install a product on your vehicle that will keep your car looking great for years.

Our pillar trim is made from the highest grade of 304 gauge stainless steel material and has a triple plated chrome coating. Each chrome pillar post has a mirror reflective finish, which means you can see your reflection just as clear as a mirror. All of our pillar posts are designed for your specific vehicle ensuring a perfect fitment. The pillar trim installs in minutes without much effort. Enhance the look of your vehicle with a set of our custom chrome pillar posts and be the talk of the neighborhood. Browse our complete line of pillars and find your perfect set today.