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707 Motoring backs up the products we sell 100%, if we aren't able to offer you a warranty on our products then we simply won't offer them. Our philosophy is to only offer the finest products on the market that are durable and made to last. We feel that your purchase is an investment, and like any investment we want to make sure that it is protected so that is why we teamed up with some of the leading manufacturers in the market to carry a product line that is backed up by the longest manufacturer warranties on the market. Take a look below to view our unbeatable warranty programs for our products. 304 Guage Stainless Steel Products: Includes chrome pillar posts, chrome gas tank covers, chrome fender trims, chrome billet and mesh grilles- These products come with a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects.

ABS Plastic w/ Triple Plated Chrome Products: Includes chrome door handle covers, chrome mirror covers, chrome tailgate handle, chrome tail light trims- These products come with an unbeatable 2 Year Warranty against manufacturer defects.

Dash Trims: Includes all of our real wood, real carbon fiber and factory match dash trims. You receive a 2 Year Warranty against any manufacturer defects in the product.

What does this warranty cover?

Our Warranty covers manufacturer defects such as peeling, rusting, and discoloration of product. On the dash trims our warranty covers peeling and discoloration.

Our warranty does not cover scratching, improper installation, damaged caused by misuse or if the item falls off due to improper installation. On the dash trims our warranty doesn't cover scratching or if item falls off due to improper installation.

To put in a warranty claim simply send us an email through the ebay message system or contact our customer service team toll free at 877.217.1479. When contacting us be sure to have your original purchase receipt handy, we would require the original date of purchase, name of purchaser, pictures of defective merchandise, and item number in order to process a warranty claim. If your item qualifies with our warranty program we would have any defective pieces replaced immediately for you.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding our warranties please feel free to contact us toll free at 877.217.1479.