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Black Pillar Posts

Looking to elevate the luxurious styling of your vehicle or bring it back to its original factory styling without adding anything flashy? Our piano black pillar posts will bring your factory pillars back to life with a beautiful glossy black finish. Each of our piano black pillar posts are made from high quality polycarbonate material ensuring that they will not fade and help elevate your vehicles exterior styling.

Each of our piano black pillar posts installs right over your existing pillars and within minutes your OEM pillars are transformed to a beautiful finish. OEM factory pillars begin to fade and scratch throughout the years but our UV resistant piano black pillars will help to restore your old pillars to a glossy finish and is designed to last for years to come. Each pillar installs with double sided tape and is made for your exact vehicle ensuring a perfect fitment.

At 707 Motoring we also offer the piano black pillars in a Matte black finish, this will not only restore those dull and scratched OEM pillars but will also add an extra level of sport styling to your vehicle. Each piano black pillar is backed with a 3 year warranty against manufacturer’s defects such as fading and cracking. Don’t downgrade the look of your vehicle any longer with dull and scratched pillar posts upgrade to a set of piano black pillar posts today and bring your OEM pillars back to life.