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Have a luxurious interior in minutes!

Maguratech wood dash kits are manufactured from either ABS or real carbon fiber. Dash kits add luxury to the interior of any vehicle with their unique wood like features. Each of the dash kits are laser cut and finished with UV polyurethane, this allows for a precise fitment to your original dash kit and a finish that is made to last.

Each of the Maguratech dash kits are simple to install, they all come with double sided 3M tape to stick right on top of your dash. Each dash kit are not replacements they are overlay kits. Our dash kits come in many different finishes such as real wood finish, rear carbon fiber and factory matched. Our dash kits install within a few minutes and are available in multiple packages, please be sure to receive the complete listing to see how many pieces you would be receiving, also be sure to include the color during your checkout to ensure your order is processed quickly. Now whether your vehicle is new or an older model you can transform you interior with one of our custom made dash trims.