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Chrome Fender Trim & Truck Fender Trims

Nothing adds that extra level of class and luxury to your vehicle like chrome fender trim. Our stainless steel fender trim molding installs right over your existing fenders within minutes. Each kit is a direct bolt on which allows the fender trim to be firmly secured to your vehicle. All of our chrome fender trim are made specifically for your exact make and model.

Our fender trims and truck fender flares are crafted from the highest grade of 304 gauge stainless material and finished with a triple plated chrome coating giving them a beautiful mirror reflection shine. The black rubber gasket around the edges of the trim prevents water from going behind the trim, and also helps protect your vehicles paint from scratches. Each fender trim molding comes with a Lifetime warranty against rusting, peeling and yellowing. Browse our inventory today and find the perfect set for your automobile.