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Carbon Fiber Pillar Posts

Looking to elevate the luxurious styling of your vehicle or add something extra? Our Carbon Fiber pillar posts will add that unique styling to your vehicle and make it stand out from the crowd. We offer a wide variety of Carbon Fiber pillar posts in many different finishes. Some of our Carbon Fiber pillars include Di-Noc Carbon which is a flexible vinyl material which gives the appearance of real carbon when installed and we also offer Real Carbon Material that is finished with a urethane clearcoat and installs with double sided tape. Have your ride ready for the next car show or just make it stand out from the rest of vehicles on the road.

Each of our Carbon Fiber pillars install right over your existing pillars and within minutes your OEM pillars are transformed into something custom. Many vehicles on the road have either chrome or black pillars on them so why not stop outside of the box and add your own custom touch. Each pillar installs with either double sided tape or by simply peeling off the backing on our Di-Noc Carbon fiber pillars and is made for your exact vehicle ensuring a flawless fitment. Our Carbon Fiber pillar posts are available in many different colors such as black, silver, red, blue and more giving you the option of customizing your vehicle to your choice.

At 707 Motoring we are always trying to find new and better enhancing products and our Carbon Fiber pillars posts are nothing short. There are many imitation Carbon products on the market that is why we offer only the finest products, so whether you decide to go with our Real carbon material or the Di-Noc vinyl carbon pillars you can be sure you are getting a superior product guaranteed to add years of use on your vehicle. Shop our full product line of Carbon products to find the best matched accessories for ride today.