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When you combine sound and performance your vehicle owns the road!

BORLA Exhaust takes pride in the Sound and Performance of every item in their product line. Manufactured out of high grade T-304 Stainless Steel to ensure each product is resistant to corrosion and the elements of everyday driving which can overtime deteriorate the integrity of your exhaust and components. Their catalog ranges from mufflers, headers and complete exhaust systems providing all necessary components for enhancing your vehicle. Throughout the automotive world BORLA is well known, whether you are adding some extra performance to your vehicle or building a customized vehicle from top to bottom all top builders turn to BORLA to provide the high-quality components.

With precision manufacturing its CAT back systems are tuned to add up to 15% more horsepower than stock. BORLA firmly stands behind each of their products offering unsurpassed warranties to ensure that each product is guaranteed to last. Choosing the right exhaust system or exhaust component for your vehicle is an easy choice when turning to the BORLA lineup of products. Each of the BORLA systems are made right here in the USA.