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Wood Grain Dash Kits

The interior of your vehicle is just as important as the exterior, so why not show it off? At 707 Motoring we offer a wide variety of interior products such as wood grain dash kits. Our wood dash trim kits are designed to help compliment your interior to make it not just stylish but luxurious. Some vehicles may already have wood grain dash kits, but many come with a limited amount of pieces, leaving your dash a bit naked. That is why we offer factory match aftermarket dash kits that will match to the existing wood in your vehicle to give it that full, complete finish. Our wood graining kits install in minutes with double-sided 3M tape and come with the longest warranty on the market. Our wood dash kits are offered in a wide variety of color combinations from cherry wood and rosewood to aftermarket styles such as real or synthetic carbon fiber. Don’t just show off the exterior of your vehicle; impress your passengers with a custom wood dash kit.