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Tailgate Handle Covers

Tailgate handles are forgotten many times when custom trim is added to a vehicle, today you will see many trucks and SUV’s with chrome accents such as door handle covers, mirror covers and other chrome accents but when you get to the back of the truck the tailgate handle is left plain, this takes away from the overall appearance. We offer a wide variety of tailgate handle covers; each chrome tailgate cover installs right over your existing handle within minutes to complete the appearance. Our chrome tailgate handle covers are made with laser measuring technology to ensure a precise and accurate design so that it will slip right on top of the existing and sit flush. Each tailgate handle cover is made from ABS plastic material and finished with a triple plated chrome coating, giving a beautiful shine and matching with the rest of the vehicle trim. Our tailgate handle covers also are made with keyhole and camera cutouts where necessary to ensure we maintain the original OEM appearance with a little more customization. Browse our complete lineup of tailgate handle covers for your truck or SUV.