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Smoked Tail Light Covers

Looking to upgrade the exterior styling of your vehicle? Our tail light covers are specifically designed to elevate the styling of your vehicle without putting a hole in your pocket. Our tail light covers are designed with the latest technology to ensure an accurate and precise fitment to give your vehicle that custom look while still maintaining the OEM integrity. Our tail light covers are available in either a smoked, clear or painted surface. Each tail light cover installs over your existing tail lights with either double sided tape or automotive adhesive, installation is quick which puts you back on the road showing off your new accessory. Many other products on the market such as tail light sprays, paints and tints can be costly and not have the visual appearance and shine as overlay covers. If you ever had to remove the tail light covers they come off easily, painted and tinted lights can give you a hard time for removal and leaves the risk of damaging of the lights when removing. Shop top manufacturers such as GT styling, AVS and more. Choose your vehicle and browse all the tai light cover options available for your vehicle.