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Here at 707 Motoring we strive to achieve the greatest level of customer satisfaction, we appreciate you choosing us to do business with and giving us the opportunity to serve you. That is why we offer a 100% Price Match Guarantee on all the products we carry. We believe that it is our right to search for the lowest priced item, at 707 Motoring can you always be assured that we offer competitive prices on all of our products, but just in case you happen to find something that we missed we ask for you to contact us so that we can match that price, below is the criteria to qualify for our price match.

* Item in question must be from the same manufacturer that we carry

* When considering the price we will take into account the cost of the item from the other seller along with the shipping cost to see if that proves to be a lower price

* The item in question must be for sale from a reputable company authorized to carry those products and the condition of the item is in the same condition as our product

* When contacting us regarding a price match please be sure to check all criteria to make sure it matches our item, also be sure to have the other company's website information and product number handy.

* To request a price match you must contact our customer service team at 877.217.1479

707 Motoring values you as customer that is why if you find a lower price on any of our products and they meet the criteria above we will go ahead and match it for you. That is just another effort we make to ensure our customers receive nothing short of the best.