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Painted Body Side Door Moldings

Our painted body side molding will help elevate the exterior styling of your car, truck or SUV in minutes. Each of our body side molding trim is made from high grade ABS to ensure strength and durability and then color matched to your vehicles exact color code. Our full lineup of body side moldings include smooth painted moldings, chromeline body side moldings and color insert moldings giving you the option to choose the styling best suited for your vehicle.

Our smooth painted body door molding trim has a beautiful color matched finish to accent your vehicles exterior. The Chromeline body side trim is color matched and comes with a chrome strip in it that is finished with triple plated chrome combining luxury with sport styling giving your vehicle that two tone appearance of paint and chrome. Finally we offer the color insert body side molding which allows you add any type of unique color to the insert completing any two tone affect on your vehicle.

Each of our body side molding trims install with double sided 3M tape in minutes to add a sporty style to your vehicle. Our body side moldings are more than just styling they also help to protect your vehicle from unwanted dents and scratches. Be sure to browse our complete lineup of painted body side door trim and we are confident that you will find a styling that will work with your vehicle.