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DAWN Enterprises is the leader in aftermarket painted body side moldings and dress-up accessories. DAWN specializes in custom vehicle protection products as well as dress-up products to enhance the styling of your vehicle. A variety of the DAWN brand products include painted body side moldings, chrome lower door moldings, fender flares, rear bumper protection pads, spoilers, hood scoops and more.

DAWN’s painted body side moldings are color matched to your vehicles color code ensuring a flawless finish. The DAWN painted moldings not only add styling but add protection to your doors from unwanted dings and dents. The painted moldings are available in various styles including the FE style, CF Style and CI style. The FE style is a painted molding with a smooth finish, the CF style is available with a chrome insert along with the painted finish, many applications of the CF style include an engraved name of the vehicle model. Finally, the CI style is a two-tone painted molding, this application will help complete any two-tone vehicle appearance.

DAWN dress-up accessories include the LCM moldings, this molding installs on the lower part of the doors and is made of ABS with a chrome finish. The rear bumper protection pads add protection to your rear bumper to ensure no scratching occurs when removing or adding items to your trunk. All DAWN products are painted here in the USA and backed with a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects. Now you can save thousands in costly repairs by adding the DAWN protection and dress up accessories. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitation products, DAWN has been the leader in aftermarket painted moldings for years, look for the DAWN name to ensure you are getting a finely crafted product from a brand you can trust.