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Chrome Window Sills

Looking to add some upgraded chrome styling to your vehicle but don't want to draw too much attention? Our stainless steel chrome windows sills are the perfect upgrade. Each window sill is crafted from high grade 304 gauge stainless steel and finished with a beautiful triple plated chrome coating. Our window sills are each manufactured for your exact make & model which ensures a perfect fitment every time. Adding a set of chrome window sills will help to elevate your vehicles styling without drawing too much attention. Our chrome window sills are the perfect upgrade for any vehicle that currently has chrome pillars since they will both compliment each other. Each set of window sills comes with a Lifetime warranty against peeling, rusting and yellowing. Our window sills install in minutes by simply peeling off the double sided 3M tape and placing them over your existing sills. Browse our complete inventory today to find the perfect set of chrome window sills for your vehicle.