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Brake Kits

Adding a lot of horsepower to your vehicle is only as good as the stopping power you have to stop. We offer a wide variety of aftermarket brake kits and components necessary to make sure your car stops when you need it to. Our full lineup of brake kits and accessories include calipers, full brake kits, rotors, caliper paint and more. Now you can build that fast race car or add some extra power under the hood and know that you have the stopping power when you need it. The OEM stock brakes are designed to handle the power put in the vehicle but once you start increasing that horsepower the proportions between the power and stopping power start to change and with the right brake kit you can bring that balance back. Shop from top brands such as Baer, Hawk, Raybestos and more. All our brake manufacturers are names the experts trust and we only bring you the best when it comes to your vehicle. Select your vehicle information and browse our complete line up of brake products and components necessary to help complete and custom project or upgrade.